Cyathea tomentosissima 'Highland Lace'

Dwarf Woolly Tree Fern

Adaptable tree fern

Cyathea tomentosissima is a rather small tree fern that hails from the cool mountain cloudforests and grasslands of New Guniea at very high elevations. Despite its origin in a perpetually cool climate, it seems to be strangely and remarkably adaptable, in fact one of the most cool- and heat-tolerant tree ferns around. A combination of heat and dryness, however, will be the death of it; but unlike many highland plants it can withstand any amount of heat so long as it has enough moisture.

This tree fern will do well if kept wet in the summer and also tolerates dry conditions well as long as it is cool. It is also said to do well indoors under cool conditions.
HardinessProtect below -3°c
WateringKeep well watered
SunLikes shadow

Cyathea tomentosissima
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