Syagrus romanzoffiana sp. 'Santa Catarina'

Queen Palm

Very widely distributed throughout Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, this Palm is a tall (to 15m - 45 feet), slender palm, with a grey trunk, and slightly plumose leaves.
When mature it is self cleaning with dead leaves falling to leave a clean trunk.
The palm covers a huge area of South America, the most hardy forms coming from the mountains of South Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. We import this palm from the mountainous area of Santa Catarina where it is well known for its hardiness, and willingness to grow at lower temperatures.

Whether it ever becomes a palm suitable for the North European climate is open to question, but it remains a popular choice for collectors trying to evoke a tropical effect in their gardens. This palm is becoming well known, being hardier and more vigorous than regular queens palms. These large palms, sometimes resembling Royal palms in appearance, grow in the mountains of Parana and santa caterina where it can be very cold in winter, and where there is less summer heat than where other populations of Syagrus are scattered throughout south America.
HardinessProtect below -3°c
WateringWater moderately
SunLight shadow / sun
Comes fromBrazil, Uruguay, Argentinia

Syagrus romanzoffiana sp.
Tot. height: 280+cm, trunk: 60-80cm, pot: ø 50cm, Pallet delivery.  € 135.00
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